Alem: The Style Maven

We are proud to feature the lovely Alem for our first photo shoot!!

She is a working woman who sometimes feel her job limits and restricts her from expressing her true style. This photo shoot was an opportunity for us to capture her in her element as the stylish, liberated self… With her bold and colorful personality, she is always a head turner and her clothes reflect that.

Alem has an inimitable style – quirky, eye-catching, bold and fabulous. She has perfected the art of making everything she wears look effortlessly beautiful and unique. She knows her own style and is not confined by the latest fads or trends, loves her colorful clothes and mixes them with a panache which is envied by all. She is the girl who makes a plain white tee look sexy….

Her closet is mostly stuffed with clothes created by her sister and those she picked from her favorite haunt, Sarojini Nagar Market. She proudly proclaims that without Sarojini Market, she wouldn’t have much choices that caters to her. Not only does she picks up great pieces but also at awesome, knock off rates!!

Her inspirations are her siblings, Meren and Rongsen. Rongsen is a bangalore based designer who recently launched her own collection under the name “Calista Lemtur”. She had two successful shows recently in Dimapur, Nagaland. Meren is a contemporary artist and also shares the same love for fashion as his sisters.

Her style icons are Gwen Stefani and Agyness Deyn.

















3 Responses to “Alem: The Style Maven”

  1. I loved the pictures from the photo shoot-very cutting edge, great work!

  2. Hey girly! I took a look at your blog, and I think you are doing very well! Your descriptions are well written, and well-organized, your structure is phenomenal, and your perceptions are great. You managed to portray your victim/subject with a desireable quality, and that is your main goal, above all. Keep up the good work, and let me know when you post your next blog. I’ll keep up-to-date with you. XOX Muah!

  3. PS. Adding photos is a great way to express and visualize your work! So stick to that method as well!

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