For Ena turning 23 was a  very significant year  because she sort of grew up and discovered herself as a person and that helped her develop her own style too.  She is ver clear that for her style is a ‘Stamp of my Identity’. She knows that her clothes reflect who she is and so she is very conscious of what she wears. Her days of experimenting with fashion or following the trends are over, she knows what she wants and she does not deflect, trends excites her but only because she sees the opportunity to create her own look. Her mother has been a huge influence. While growing up as a kid she saw her mother sewing clothes for her and it was simply not just sewing but her mother put a lot of thought to it, she created her own style or interpreted fashion in her own way. She remembers one time when her mother was heavily influenced by the Russian look and made clothes drawing from that inflence and called it the Russian Look. Today, her sister is her style partner, for her strong style sense. They have very different taste in style  but it helps when opinions differ, it makes for an interesting compromise whenever they go shopping. Any Icons? Lady Di because she always dressed right for the right occasions andKate Moss because she is a trend-setter in the true sense of the word. Loves shopping in Sarojini Nagar,Lajpat Nagar, Chandni Chowk, the Malls too, and thrift shops in Dimapur. Ena loves a good bargain and says it is so much more valuable than the expensive clothes because you have to fight for something you want so badly, you see it not just an outfit but you see all the effort that you have put to get it.

The clothes she chose to wear for the shoot speaks of her love for the winter season, layering and very subtle in style. She loves mixing fabrics. Every outfit has a story because she loves making stories of her look. Every look has to flow; casual or formal. There should be a balance and not a stark contrast. As a lawyer the outfits are boring but the colourful cases keeps her going. And she has Gucci on her mind for the future.(When she does well she adds)














2 Responses to “”

  1. Wow!!! Ena, you look fabulous and Zubini-this is great work…love the shots!

  2. Lovely! You really get a sense of the woman in these pictures. And i like the arrangement of the composite of four. Ena you really inspired Z!

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